“Leadership without Ego” gems — Week III

Here is the 3rd group of five little exceprts from Leadership without Ego by B. Davids, B. Carney & I. Getz (Palgrave MacMillan) in print Jan 2019.

“Candidates have to have the job skills to be interviewed, but the interview is really about whether they fit our culture. Cultures are built one person at a time.”

“If you focus on what you can’t do, you overlook what you can do. Rules tell you what you cannot do. Rules are handcuffs. If you have the right culture, then people are free to think. Rules limit the thinking.”

“As a CEO you should not want to be loved or even liked, but if you can’t earn the respect of every single person, you should quit. As leader, you are a failure.”

“The more things you do wrong, the faster you learn. But if you refuse to acknowledge that it was wrong, you refuse to learn. Is that what you want? The key is to not make the same mistake twice.”

“One human being cannot motivate another human being; motivation comes from within; people can only motivate themselves. All the CEO can do as a leader is to create an environment whereby people motivate themselves”.